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We deliver something

We are different from any other cryptocurrencies project, and it differs technically too. In OnCoin Platform, Lending will be done not between OnCoin Holder and Company. But 100% between OnCoin Holder. OnCoin Team will be providing a system that will help everybody to gain something on return every time they do Lending

About Oncoin-ICO

What is OnCoin-IEO

after full of demand, OnCoin Offer to Trustworthy External Exchange. OnCoin, Anyone who owns it can easily sell, buy and use to many platforms

For better Overview, please download our white paper bellow 

The Reason

The Reason Why OnCoin

100% Real Use

Our Lending Platform Using PH-GH System. All Interaction happens between User-to-User No More Lending between User with Platform Like Others

No More Losing

Afraid your OnCoin will losing Value? We Will Buy Your OnCoin Back

For Public

45% For ICO,15% after-ICO and 15% for Referral & Bounties is mean for Public to own. 25% more part of OnCoin for Core Team,Advisor and partner can't be sold until 2025 No Monopoly or Fake Price

Real Use, Real Product

Marketplace Discount and Ads Platform based on Gaming Livestream is 2 Feature we will launch in 2020. Real Function, Stop Depending on Market Price Only

The Strategy

The journey to success

The Defferent

OnCoin Is Differen

  1. OnCoin project is about real use aplication, OnCoin value will not depend on market.

  2. 75% total OnCoin will be owned by public. No monopoly or fake price.

  3. OnCoin core team, advisior, partner can’t sell all of their OnCoin in 5 years from OnCoin launch  started.

  4. No need to affraid OnCoin will lose it’s value. Other than OnCoin real use, we have nuyback guarantee.

Oncoin App

Best Crypto Mobile Wallet

To support high transactions, OnCoin is enriched with Mobile Apps which are very easy to use and can be accessed anytime, anywhere


Meet Our Team


Donny Sinambela SE., MM.


Fieter Alfyan ST., RFP.


Yulianto Perwodihardjo M.Ec


Frans Asmadja Wong S.Kom., M.Sc


Anggi Rima Saputra S.Kom

Our Apps

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